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Company History

    Pikant Trade Ltd. was established in 1998 with main business activity production and trade with meat products. Since 2005 the production process is housed in own production plant, located in the city of Varna. By 2007 the company covers all the mandatory requirements of European regulations and is certified as an meat product producer approved for export to the EU.
    The company production plant is located over 2000 sq. m., constructed and arranged according all the legal and sanitary requirements of the meat sector regulators. Pikant Trade Ltd. production portfolio consists of three main groups: frozen, chilled and baked products.
    Pikant Trade Ltd. benefits of market flexibility, which is one of the main advantage of the company. Our managing team is constantly engaged in the new products and products group development, continuously increasing of the production efficiency through technology innovations. The quality and the authentic taste of the products are guaranteed by the modern technology solutions, the traditional recipes and the quality raw products and last, but not least the highly qualified staff. All of the above is the combination that makes Pikant Trade Ltd. leader in the branch.  
      1) Raw products: minced meat, moldedproducts (sausage, meatballs,cutlets, and burgers), sausages;
      2) Cooked products: fried and baked
      3) Culinary products - pasteurized cooked delicacies.
    Currently Pikant Trade Ltd. is owner of two brands: "Pikant" as major recognizable trade mark and "Home cuisine" – trade mark developed for cooked delicasies. 

   The company is out of production quality and safe food through implementing an effective system for incoming, current and final inspection as the realization of finished products is carried out in strict organization in three main channels:
    1) Deliveries to retailers
    2) Deliveries tohotels,restaurants andfast food -  so called hotpoints for sale
    3) EX VAN deliveries - delivery to stores -  so called cool points


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